After following a Canadian Mackenzie Tour event in Barrie Ont summer of 2017 I realised I needed help to get to another level. I needed help on compressing the golf ball, understanding “carry” distances for all of your clubs (huge) and advanced short game execution.

I knew of Terry Obrien and his golf career and thinking he could help me understand any of the new wave teaching and thinking processes I contacted Terry in the fall of 2017 prior to my winter Florida Trip (2mths) and we worked together for 2mths before I left.

With the combination of Terry’s knowledge and his access to the ultra-technology “Trackman” he taught me more about golf in 2 mths than I learned in the last 20 years. Terry's approach is very professional and not sugar coated as to not to give you a bloated self-worth but to help you to actually LEARN.

Armed with the new knowledge in a short period of working with Terry I had a successful winter campaign on the amateur tour I played on in Florida and held my own with players half my age thanks to what I had absorbed from Terry.

I will be retaining Terrys help again this summer on an ongoing learning curve and would highly recommend his services to you all.


About a year ago, I decided I wanted to take my golf game to the next level. Even though I practiced regularly, I was not consistent. I would hit the ball fat or thin. Some games I would shoot in the eighties and others I couldn't break 100. I felt like I was repeating the same mistakes over and over. Last year I met Terry O'Brien at Cedar Links and decided to try a few lessons with him.

Terry is patient and doesn't overwhelm you by changing your entire swing in the first lesson. He works with what you have, focusing on improving one thing at a time. I started to learn to compress the ball and slow my swing down. He focused on each aspect of my swing to improve my consistency. My iron play has improved immensely and I am much more confident in my yardage with each club.

The Trackman technology that Terry uses is a game changer and is a must for anyone who wants to improve their game at any level. It has helped me become knowledgeable about club distance and really helps pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. I have continued to work with Terry over the last year. He is always positive and encouraging. He takes the time to get to know you and is genuinely interested in your improvement and growth. When he sees you at the range during practice he takes time out to offer advice, or tweak your swing.

I look forward to continued work with Terry and would encourage anyone with a love of the game to meet with him. You won't regret it.


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